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How to Open the Crestcom Don’t Count On It Wooden Puzzle Money Box

July 14th, 2010 9 comments

So, you might have received a Don’t Count on It Wooden Puzzle Money Box from Crestcom or from someone else and wondering how to open it.  The box of course most likely has money in it or something else of value that you probably want to get out.  The easiest way to open the box is just to break it.  Well if you’re a practical person that’s the best way to do it.  That’s the way that I did it, not so much to get the $5, but as I was interested in how it works rather than getting the money out or keeping the box in one piece. 

Well, the way it works is as follows:

There are two end pieces that have magnets glued into them.  Then, the main frame has holes which are about one inch long and inside those holes are little metal rods about half an inch long.  The way the box locks is by putting the metal rods into the holes then sliding the cover on and turning the box so that the metal rods slide inside the holes and make contact with the magnets at which stage they attach to the magnets.  Once you know the actual construction it’s quite easy to work out ways of how to open the Don’t Count On It Wooden Puzzle Money Box.

I came up with the following ways:
1. The way I broke the box was to twist the end bit sideways (i.e. No in the direction of the slide).  The end bit just popped out.  This is the easy way but it kinda breaks the box slightly as it usually creates a crack along the joint between the 3 main bits that make up the main part of the box.

2. The best and proper way is to grab the box and tap it with a hard sharp blow on the floor (with one of the ends at the bottom) and then just slide the top end off.  The basic idea here is that the intertia and the sudden stopping of the frame will make the rods separate from the magnets and fall into the holes.  You might not get it the first time, but I believe that’s the PROPER way to open the box.  Something to remember here as well is that only one of the sides has the magnets, so if you try like 10 times with one side and have no luck, try with the other side.  I recommend doing this on a carpet if you don’t want to damage the box.

3. Use strong magnets to separate the metal rods from the little magnets inside the end.  As nice as this sounds not everyone has a magnet lying around… In fact thats’ the way that I tried to open it initially, but didn’t have a strong enough magnet laying around, and doubt you would too.

4. Try to use some really sharp instrument to slide the rod away from the magnet via the tiny gap between the end and the main bit… This is a real pain in the ass and I tried this way also before opening the box using method 1.

I’ll also try to create some photos and videos and post them on YouTube for anyone interested.

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Google Analytics reports wrong / incorrect statistics data

July 13th, 2010 No comments

WOW… I just did some comparisons between what Google Analytics reports in terms of traffic as well as e-commerce sales numbers and Google Analytics is just terrible.  One would think it’s the best thing since sliced bread as it gives you all these ways to look at data, but when both the traffic and sales are out by HUGE numbers, you really change your mind.  I really don’t know how on earth I would ever trust Google Analytics again when the difference is like 25% (and I’m talking sales here).  That’s an absolutely massive difference and throws out your ratios completely.  My recommendation for anyone considering using Google Analytics is DONT, unless you’re ok with completely wrong data being presented and you making decisions based on this data. If you want proper analysis you should use some tool that analyses your server logs, not a javascript based tool.

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