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Cisco SRP527W Mozilla Firefox 9 Issue – Not a Bug Apparently!

January 25th, 2012 1 comment

We just bought a newly realease Cisco SRP527W Modem Router (or Services Ready Platform as Cisco likes to call it) (part number SRP527W-U-E-K8 and the first thing I tried to do is get it setup.  Like many people I use Mozilla Firefox and like many people I have the latest version which happens to be 9.0.1.  I had no problem access the Web Based Configuration Utility by going to the default IP address of the router, but when I started trying to browse around I noticed some really really strange stuff going on.  When I clicked on the tabs in teh SRP527W Configuration Utility it would go to the wrong screen and when i clicked in the panel on the left the top heading in the content area would not change, but the content would!  I found this behaviour really strange, so I decided to try Internet Explorer and Google Chrome.  I tried both and it seemed to work fine.  I also tried Firefox 5 which I had running on another machine, that also seemed to work.  This to me seemed like a bug or incompatibility that Cisco should know about, so I called Cisco Small Business support and after waiting for over an hour on the line I was put at the start of the queue again so I hung up and called back to finally get a person by selecting Managed Switches as the option (even though my issue had nothing to do with managed switches).  The lady was very nice but when I explained the issue and asked if she could record it as an issue with the Cisco SRP527W and Firefox 9 compatibility she tried to convince me it’s not an issue at all and that I should install the Firefox IETabs extension.  Seriously?  I told her that it’s friggin year 2012 and it’s Cisco, not some no-name brand that we purchased because we expected the product to just work and not have configuration or performance issues (which is why we bought it in the first instance).  The other IT guy in the room almost pissed himself laughing as I was trying to explain to her that it’s in Cisco’s interest to record this as an issue and not ignore and at least make it clear in some online doco that there’s currently a compatibility issue with Firefox 9 and that as a workaround people should use a different browser.  The lady told me she’ll let the engineers know, but when I asked her to give me a case number she said she can’t… which basically means she hasn’t logged it and probably won’t.  So, I figured the next best thing is to write a blog post so that anyone having issues with Cisco SRP527W with Firefox 9 will know that there is in fact an issue and the workaround is to use Internet Explorer, Chrome or an older version of Firefox.  Perhaps it’s a Firefox issue, but as the product maker Cisco should at least acknowledge the issue and make it clear to customers what to do, but I guess they like wasting their time and money on customer dealing with incompetent support staff who try to convince seasoned IT professionals that an issue isn’t an issue or not an issue with their product.

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WAMP Install Apache Service on Port Different to 80

January 20th, 2012 No comments

Sometimes you want to install more than one webserver on the machine.  WAMP Server is great for running an Apache, PHP, MySQL stack without installing each component manually.  However when you try to install Apache as a service WAMP tries to install it on port 80.  Luckily WAMP is very flexible and it’s easy enough to change so that it installs on a different port (or rather you don’t even check what port you’re installing on).

To do this, simply go into wampmanager.tpl and find the tag [ApacheServiceInstall].  Below it you can see what actions get executed when you run the icon.  The simples thing to do is to comment out the first action, which runs testPortForInstall.php located in the scripts folder.  Alternatively you can modify the php script to test a different port.

Then modify your httpd.conf file and run the Install Apache as a Service from within WAMP.

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