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Redmine and ChiliProject Installation Problems

February 19th, 2012 2 comments

I have to say, Redmine (and ChiliProject) has got to have one of the absolute worst applications to install for anyone who isn’t a RubyOnRails ace.  As nice as the applicaiton is, the installation should be enough to turn anyone away.  Redmine and ChiliProject have probably the absolute worst documentation I’ve ever seen.  When I tried to install Redmine on Windows I encountered all sorts of problems with Ruby on Rails MySQL connectivity and when I tried to install Redmine on Linux I found the so called installation guides to be wrong, outdated, incomplete and all over the place.  Surely it’s not that friggin hard to write a decent installation guide for getting Redmine running with Passenger/mod_rails on Apache.  Why on earth would you tell people that using webrick in production is bad and then not give them decent instructions on how to install the basterd with something that should be used in production.  Or the CentOS installation guide is all over the place as well, it’s friggin bullshit when it tells you how to install using CGI and yet has steps for installing with Passenger.  Complete and utter bullshit.

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