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Cisco Linksys SRW2024 and SLM2024 Firmware Upgrade Issues

February 6th, 2013 No comments

I’m sooo extremely pissed off about what I’ve encountered while trying to upgrade the firmware on our Cisco / Linksys SRW2024 and SLM2024 switches that I’ve felt the need to post this to vent and let anyone and everyone out there googling know of these issues!

As it turns out the SRW2024 and SLM2024 switches really really don’t like when their firmware is upgraded and there is a damn high chance that you’re going to brick the bastard when you try to upgrade. Generally the moral of the story is don’t kick a piece of shit if you don’t want it to stink (i.e. don’t upgrade the firmware if you don’t want it to break). I would also say DON’T get a Cisco Small Business switch because you think it’s a Cisco switch, IT’S NOT. Either get a REAL Cisco switch or get a Netgear switch instead, as based on this experience I can only say that the Cisco Small Business switches are rubbish. Aside from the fact that their interface only works in IE (which is also a problem with the likes of the SRP527 modem router), upgrading the firmware is a real Russian roulette of a gamble and you may well end up with a glorified paper weight.

Luckily on the SRW2024 switch I was able to upgrade the boot code and the firmware after a lot of stuffing around, downgrading the firmware and then re-upgrading it through a serial cable connection, but unfortunately on the SLM2024 there is no serial cable, so NO SUCH LUCK. All I did was upload the latest firware file via HTTP using the Admin > Firmware Upgrade page in the Web GUI and then reboot the switch once that was done. However, the switch didn’t come back up! Now I have a glorified paper weight. In hindsight I should have just left it at 1.0.1 as it was working, but I took a gamble and lost! You’d think Cisco would have been able to work out a way to roll back firmware or be able to do something, but doesn’t seem to be the case.

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