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I’m an IT business owner and professional web developer based in Brisbane Australia.  I work with a variety of technologies and applications including PHP, ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, jQuery, Windows Small Business Server SBS 2008, MySQL, SQL Server 2008, Asterisk, OpenCart, osCommerce, Yii Framework, Code Igniter, Zend Framework, Kohana, Drupal, WordPress, Joomla, Eclipse PDT, NetBeans and SVN just to name a few.

While working with these technologies I frequently find myself looking for answer to a variety of questions such as which technology or application is better at solving a particular problem, which perform better, what do others have to say about it, how has someone solved a particular issues and so on.  Often I find answers that are outdated and havn’t considered all aspects that I’m interested in, which means I have to do more research and often test things myself and come to my own conclusions.

This blog is here to enable me to share some of that research and conclusions with others who may also be looking for the same information, so that they don’t have to search far and wide like I had to.  Hope you find it useful.

  1. Vivek Patel
    June 18th, 2012 at 16:52 | #1

    I my self Vivek Patel working in offshore company in India.I had read your article about best frame works.It is great.But i want to ask you personally, about which framework i need to learn for my best feature in this field.

    I want to ask you about which framework i must have to learn because of,

    Now i have around 2+ year experience in basic core PHP. But I am very poor in Oops concept which is more difficult for me in my carrier.I had already started learning basic oops concepts.but i want to learn frameworks which is in Oops concept and very demanding and help me in future for my carrier.So please let me do favor and sent me your suggestion.

    Thank You,
    Vivek Patel

  2. Joe Smith
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