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Engin Business VoIP Service Issues

December 27th, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

If you are looking for a Business Grade VoIP Service Provider I would recomment that you avoid Engin unless you’re looking for a very basic level of support and don’t care much about your service.  Their resources seem to be overstreched as is and when it comes to public holidays in Australia their support is simply non-existent.  Today I’m having issues with my Asterisk PBX being unable to register to Engin and when I called Engin there is just nobody there competent of helping me.  They have a call center somewhere overseas for level 1 support and apparently for a connectivity issue like mine, which to me seems to clearly be an issue on their end, they have nobody there to look at the issue.  The level 1 support guy simply told me to call back tomorrow.  This is all well and good if you don’t care much for your phone but it’s just not good enough for a BUSINESS VOIP service.  It seems that Engin are not quite capable of distinguishing between consumer and business telecommunications needs.  Perhaps if anyone from Engin reads this they will find out that businesses cannot afford to have downtime just because it’s a public holiday because they still work on public holidays.  That means there needs to be a competent support person available to resolve critical issues.  The level 1 support guys seem to treat everyone including highly technical users as idiots and are completely useless themselves other than to read out scripted answers.  My advice if you’re looking for a business voip provider, avoid Engin and ASK whichever service provider you intend to go with as to what their support is like on weekends and on public holidays.  Unless you just don’t care about that.

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