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WAMP Install Apache Service on Port Different to 80

January 20th, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

Sometimes you want to install more than one webserver on the machine.  WAMP Server is great for running an Apache, PHP, MySQL stack without installing each component manually.  However when you try to install Apache as a service WAMP tries to install it on port 80.  Luckily WAMP is very flexible and it’s easy enough to change so that it installs on a different port (or rather you don’t even check what port you’re installing on).

To do this, simply go into wampmanager.tpl and find the tag [ApacheServiceInstall].  Below it you can see what actions get executed when you run the icon.  The simples thing to do is to comment out the first action, which runs testPortForInstall.php located in the scripts folder.  Alternatively you can modify the php script to test a different port.

Then modify your httpd.conf file and run the Install Apache as a Service from within WAMP.

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