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Small Business Server SBS 2008 Applying Computer Settings Long Time

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There is nothing more annoying than waiting for hours while Small Business Server is Applying Computer Settings and you don’t even know if its going to work or not because you’ve just installed some Windows Update which will in all likelyhood break just as many things as it will fix.  Luckily a search for SBS 2008 Applying Computer Settings quickly revealed that SBS 2008 is having an cow because IPv6 is disabled.   Any normal IT person would consider disabling something they’re not using, but Microsoft doesn’t seem to think of that and doesn’t warn you about it or anything else.  It turns out half of SBS 2008 seem to be dependent on IPv6.  How bloody stupid is that when hardly anyone was using IPv6 in 2008 when it came out and it’s still not very widely used now.  If you want your SBS 2008 to apply computer settings fast you just need to make sure IPv6 is enabled or is completed disabled using a registry hack.  You can re-enable IPv6 by going into safe mode with networking and your network cable unplugged.

You can find more information here: http://achugh.wordpress.com/2009/06/17/small-business-server-2008-and-applying-computer-settings-message/

You can also find some more here: http://achugh.wordpress.com/2009/09/07/more-on-sbs-2008-issue-applying-computer-settings-message/

Hope this helps.

Once you have this working you can try work out what else is wrong with you piece of shit SBS 2008.

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