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Blog Spam Why Bother

I just don’t get it… Why do people keep trying to post Spam on this and other blogs… Surely people aren’t stupid and know that WordPress uses Akismet and that even if that fails (which it rarely does) there’s still a human checking the posts and spam is not going to be approved.  It’s just a waste of time! So spammers… Please… stop wasting your time!

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  1. Rich C
    May 15th, 2011 at 00:28 | #1

    Your postings have saved me and my family much time! Thank you! :)

    (Seriously, I saw this when I was reading your Yii framework article. You don’t have to approve it, but I agree. Programmers are smarter than spammers so the end result is predetermined.)

  2. SEO Armory
    August 25th, 2011 at 14:13 | #2

    Because 99% of the people who do SEO are being fed bullshit by SEO tool creators. Mr. X develops a tool called XTool to spam blogs with comments. Those links are nofollow most of the time, hence not really useful from a SEO perspective. However he overhypes his XTool and makes it look like the “easy way to get thousends of links”. All noobs that don’t like to work hard (most don’t) will be very glad to get their hands on a tool that does the hard work for them and will believe what they will like to believe not what is true. So they will buy a VPS or dedicated server, install XTool and spam thousends of blogs daily. A lot of the blogs are auto-approve so they do get lots of links. Those links don’t help them much though, but they feel they are moving forward.

    There are very few SEOs that know what they are doing. I would say one in 1000 SEOs maybe knows do do SEO properly. The rest just follow the pack/trends/hype. Those are the crappy spammers. I automate comment posting myself, however I do it the smart way – either hire actual humans to read the post and write a comment or use custom built software that basically automates the whole thing but the comment itself doesn’t look like spam but like a comment written by a real human and is relevant to the post. Was not easy to develop such a smart tool, but i managed to do it.

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